Kalaheo Highschool Canoe Fundraiser


“Kalaheo breaks OIA drought in capturing state mixed paddling title.”
Star Advertiser, February 9, 2020.

Kalaheo High School has a long and proud tradition of hei hei wa’a or canoe racing; yet the school does not have its own racing canoe. The school has been active in this sport for the past 20 years after first receiving four practice canoes from Harold K. L. Castle Foundation in exchange for student volunteer hours totaling roughly 500 hours. Each year Kalaheo fields varsity boys, girls, and mixed crews and junior varsity boys, girls, and mixed crews in Oahu Interscholastic and Hawaii High School athletic association events. However, when it’s time for weekly races during the paddling season, Kalaheo High must borrow a canoe from another organization.

Approximately 50 Kalaheo students participate each year in this traditional Hawaiian sport that provides positive after-school alternatives while building students’ cultural awareness as students learn to take care of their resources and love the ocean.

As Hawaii’s state sport, canoe paddling has taken its rightful place amongst other sports, even becoming a symbol of inspiration and connection to Hawaii’s past. By providing financial support for our racing canoe fundraising effort, you help to impact the academic, athletic, and cultural experience for Kalaheo’s student athletes.

We understand that 2020 has been a challenging year to say the least, but any donation can help bring our students the canoe they deserve. Please donate using the link above.